Sustainer Management

Merkle employees working with Aeon Sustainer Management

Aeon provides an integrated sustainer processing and management solution that is flexible and cost-effective. You make it easier for donors to become sustaining supporters, giving them the freedom and flexibility to give whenever and however they want. Recurring gift program managers gain better visibility into program activity and status, using valuable data and insights to retain current sustainers and acquire new ones.

Aeon features three key components to integrate and simplify your sustainer program management:

  • Multi-channel sign-ups and updates – Our customizable online portal makes it easy for donors or staff to initiate and update gifts. It automatically imports files from other sources on a designated schedule. It also reviews and validates data as complete and correct, identifying and queuing transactions for repair and recovery as needed.
  • A robust processing engine and database – Your donors control the amount, frequency and method of their recurring donations. Aeon identifies and resolves issues with payment accounts to help you avoid lapses. It also provides complete visibility to donor history and activity, along with access to dashboard reporting on program metrics.
  • Comprehensive donor acknowledgement and reporting – Our solution manages new gift acknowledgment and updates to giving parameters. It can also send statements to your donors at the frequency you specify. The solution sends transaction files for updating your donor management system, and you can generate and distribute customizable reports for detailed program analysis.

Learn more about Aeon in our Sustainer Management solution video:






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