Website Development

Merkle RMG partners with our sister company, Axis41, to offer complete website development services that effectively convey your mission, programs and brand. Our digital agency colleagues are experienced at helping nonprofits create websites that deliver a great donor experience and bottom-line results through effective blending of strategy, creative and technology.

We help nonprofits deliver a seamless multichannel experience by extending efficient and secure donation processing to their digital platforms. Our online marketing and design experts build user-friendly navigation that tells your story in a compelling way and makes online giving simple.

No matter the extent of your website needs, we can deliver the right solution to meet your goals — whether it’s implementing more effective online giving capability, complete website redesign, or content management system (CMS) upgrades. If you’re looking for guidance on how best to represent your nonprofit brand and convey to donors how critical they are to advancing your organization’s cause, our brand experience and technical experts are here to help. Whatever the project, we help you deliver an exceptional online donor experience that enhances your brand and generates more revenue for the programs that serve your mission. 

 Our solutions enhance nonprofit websites with:

  • User-friendly navigation that makes online engagement easy and intuitive
  • Donation pages designed for easy, secure online giving
  • Mobile responsive design for a consistent user experience across devices
  • Tracking and optimization to measure and improve your website’s effectiveness
  • Seamless integration with your donor management system for real-time data capture and consolidation

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Keeping PACE with Your Donors

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2018 Nonprofit Donation Processing Benchmark Report

Learn about donation processing and payment transactions trends in our first benchmark report. Over 38.8 million transactions and over $1.5 billion in donations were analyzed!

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The Benefits of Outsourcing

Merkle RMG commissioned this study to learn more about how nonprofits manage their direct mail responses, how well they are performing, the importance of specific attributes when evaluating outsourcing options and their perception of the benefits of outsourcing.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

The chances that an event will occur that disrupts the processing of your direct mail responses are small but the impact can be devastating. Learn about the importance of having a well-defined Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan and what it should cover.

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