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As the fundraising landscape continues to evolve, it is forcing major changes in the industry: strategic priorities are shifting, donor expectations are increasing, and communication channels continue to expand. It’s already hard enough to keep up and stay focused on your mission without having to navigate and negotiate these changes. 

As a donation processor, Merkle RMG sits at a critical point in the fundraising loop. We are the first interaction between your donors and your organization — serving as your eyes and ears in managing the donor experience. We’ve developed an approach that coordinates our operational capabilities to create objective-focused solutions customized to your organization.

We call this approach Rapport.

Rapport transforms traditional one-size-fits-all donor engagement into a highly personalized and meaningful experience for the donor. The result is a donor experience management solution so superior, so seamless, it practically anticipates each donor’s expectations.

There are three pillars that support this solution:


Each Rapport service solves a discrete delivery and payment challenge, ensuring each donor stays continuously engaged with your organization and eager to elevate their relationship with your mission. These services can also help you reduce processing costs and handling requirements, bringing you unexpected efficiency benefits. Services include:

  • Address improvement services like undeliverable mail processing, NCOA and CASS certification, address enhancement, and undeliverable mail look-up / re-mail
  • Payment processing services like real-time bank card verification and merchant account updating


Rapport also helps move donors up your giving and engagement ladder. It does this by listening to and understanding each donor’s needs, then quickly responding in just the way they’d like to engage. We do this through a combination of:

  • Welcoming services, including new donor calls and giving program calls
  • Thanking services for reactivated donor calls and specified-level donation calls
  • Outreach and reminder services like pre-mailing and post-mailing outreach, sustainer reminders, and sustainer lapsed recapture
  • Acknowledgement and fulfillment services such as personalized packages, giving-program welcome packages, welcome-series execution, and email acknowledgements
  • Milestone programs, including sustainer anniversaries, annual anniversaries, and lifetime giving levels
  • Engagement services for contact data updating, do-not-mail follow-up, and returned engagement device follow-up


Just as important as the execution of the services themselves is the ability to quantify and measure the value that each donor interaction brings to your organization. Rapport has a robust suite of reporting tools that evaluate performance and identify areas of opportunity.  Our advanced reporting will give you the insights you need to perfect the donor experience according to the needs of your organization.

Learn more about Strategy & Analytics in our Rapport video:

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