Data Capture & Imaging

Merkle employees working on data capture

Our advanced technology efficiently captures the data you need to inform your analysis and future mailings, and records images of every document we receive. Quick and accurate data capture with next-day delivery for upload into your donor management system also supports faster acknowledgment of gifts.

We invest in the latest applications, including remote deposit capture and 2D barcode scanning. Our flexible technology captures data from anywhere on a document – front or back – from reply devices as small as a credit card, up to 11” x 17”. We manually key hand-written data from images as needed, balancing our high-tech methods with personalized care.

Merkle RMG stores scanned images in Arch-e – our secure, web-based electronic archive tool. Searching by any data field, users can instantly retrieve all matching transactions and associated images. We can also provide the images for upload into your own data management systems.

Benefits include:

  • Lower data-capture costs
  • Accuracy rates that exceed 99.5%
  • Greater flexibility to conduct more complex marketing campaigns
  • Quicker response to donor inquiries
  • More timely acknowledgments that promote future giving
  • Swifter data access for faster decision making

Learn about this service and more in our Donation Processing video:

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