Donation Processing

Merkle RMG manages every aspect of donation processing as one integrated, efficient and secure solution to delight your donors. We adhere to your business rules while following ISO standards throughout the process — from opening mail and quickly depositing funds, to accurately scanning and imaging reply documents, to identifying and handling exceptions.

Merkle mail extraction employee

We combine the best people, practices and technologies to process over 36 million mail responses annually at our secure 125,000-square-foot facility in Hagerstown, Maryland. This starts with the opening, extracting and batching of the contents of each envelope by our highly trained staff according to each client's unique business rules. Responses that require additional handling — such as changes, comments, tributes, matching gifts, and sustainers — are identified and processed according to each client’s specific requirements.  Check, cash and credit card batches are balanced before funds are deposited into each client's designated bank accounts.

Merkle RMG applies rigorous physical and data security at every step. We use the latest technologies to ensure speed and precision in all processes, and we are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)-compliant at Level 1, the highest level. We back our operation with a comprehensive disaster recovery/business continuity plan, including a 54,000-square-foot disaster recovery site within one hour of our main facility in Hagerstown, Maryland. Download our Attestation of Compliance here and/or see our compliance listings for Visa and Mastercard.

Highly trained staff manages every caging touch point, including:

  • Mail pickup by our own insured drivers in unmarked vehicles
  • Mail extraction and processing in our secure lockbox department
  • Quick consolidation of cash and removal from the floor for timely deposit
  • Credit card payment processing in a separate Level 1 PCI DSS-compliant department
  • Next-day electronic deposit of funds
  • Accurate handling of exceptions per client requirements

We align the entire process with your business rules, delivering a tailored caging solution for faster, accurate and cost-effective results that also help you build stronger relationships with your donors.

Learn about this service and more in our Donation Processing video:

Merkle employee working on data capture

Our advanced technology efficiently captures the data you need to inform your analysis and future mailings, and records images of every document we receive. Quick and accurate data capture with next-day delivery for upload into your donor management system also supports faster acknowledgment of gifts.

We invest in the latest applications, including remote deposit capture and 2D barcode scanning. Our flexible technology captures data from anywhere on a document — front or back — from reply devices as small as a credit card, up to 11” x 17”. We manually key hand-written data from images as needed, balancing our high-tech methods with personalized care.

Merkle RMG stores scanned images in Arch-e — our secure, web-based electronic archive tool. Searching by any data field, users can instantly retrieve all matching transactions and associated images. We can also provide the images for upload into your own data management systems.

Benefits include:

  • Lower data-capture costs
  • Accuracy rates that exceed 99.5%
  • Greater flexibility to conduct more complex marketing campaigns
  • Quicker response to donor inquiries
  • More timely acknowledgments that promote future giving
  • Swifter data access for faster decision making

Learn about this service and more in our Donation Processing video:


Merkle Employees Working on Exceptions Handling

Exceptions may account for just a fraction of your mail responses, but how you handle those transactions is a reflection of the overall quality of your donor care.

We route responses that require additional handling to our Exception Services department — or to you as the client if requested — where they’re processed according to your unique business rules. We deliver a complete back-office solution that minimizes the number of transactions sent to you, helping your staff stay focused on mission-critical work.

Highly trained employees process every non-standard piece of mail we receive, no matter how irregular or complex. Each transaction receives individualized care according to your specifications — ensuring the swift, thoughtful and accurate response every donor deserves. 

Merkle RMG’s exception services include:

  • Sending rejected responses back to the donor
  • Database look-up for white mail responses and other queries
  • Direct keying into client databases where required
  • Tributes
  • Matching gifts
  • Donor comment mail
  • Hand-written notes as well as auto-pen capabilities
  • Fulfilling annual reports, back issues of magazines, and other special requests

Learn about this service and more in our Donation Processing video:



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