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Merkle Response provides all the equipment, people and processes you need to manage your complete inbound donation and payment processing—and we do it all from a single large facility located in the Baltimore/Washington, DC region.

We start by picking up your mail each morning from one or more area post offices, using our own insured drivers and vehicles. Once it arrives at our 125,000 sq ft facility in Hagerstown MD, we transport your mail directly to a secure lockbox department. Our well-trained team follows your documented business rules for processing your mail using mail extraction equipment custom designed for Merkle Response. We scan your inbound checks and electronically deposit your funds to your designated bank account(s). We maintain a separate PCI-compliant department for processing your credit card receipts, and consolidate your cash early in the process to remove it from the floor. We monitor every step along the way with dozens of external and internal video cameras that record all activity to a DVR.

By integrating this service with our Data Capture and Imaging, Exceptions Handling, Contact Center, and Fulfillment capabilities under one roof, Merkle Response can give you a tailored caging and remittance processing solution that delivers faster, more accurate and cost-effective results. It’s how we process more than 33.5 million pieces of mail each year, while providing service that consistently delights our clients. And, unlike banks or other caging and lockbox companies, we fully process every piece of mail that comes through our doors — no matter how irregular or unusual.

Other benefits you’ll experience include:

  • Customized processes and procedures that support deposit schedules ranging from same-day to two business days
  • 98%+ on-time deposit service levels
  • Electronic deposits using Check21/Image Cash Letter
  • Complete outsourced management of non-standard transactions
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Bill Sayre

President, RMG